Merchant Cash Advance for Pet Store and Kennel Business

Published: 20th September 2011
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People love keeping pets at their home. Little animals can simply be the bundle of joy bringing a fresh air of life and charm to the house. Are you an owner of a pet shop? Often it becomes difficult to get loans for the upkeep of pet shops. The kennel grooming business or the pet shops are needed to be kept in good condition and should be very clean. These places need a hefty amount of business advance for buying supplies, inventory, etc. Rapid Capital Funding can offer you a good amount for the proper running of your grooming business, kennel and pet shops. Working capital is a very important part of the successful execution of all the necessary business procedures of your pet shop. You can receive up to $250,000 as the business financing- perhaps the best financing alternative for your business.

The industry of pet shop business is expanding day by day. People are always ready to spend a few bucks on a pet so that a lively, furry creature can be brought home and bring in fresh air of laughter. The pet store or the kennel, this industry will always thrive. The pet shop owners, kennel operators or groomers can be considered among the small business owners. Without the proper amount of working capital this kind of a business is going to struggle for existence. Bank loans or business loans from many traditional loan providers were always considered to be the one and only source of fund for the growth and expansion of this business.

Bank loans or business financing from some traditional source of money are not quite easy to get. There are plenty of criteria to fulfill before you receive the business loan from such places. There is a large amount of paper work needed to be done and you need to rely on some personal or collateral guarantee. Rapid Capital Funding does not ask for any such collateral or personal guarantee that is difficult to be furnished by the applicant of a small business loan applicant. These finances can be availed through a very lengthy procedure.

Once you receive the credit card cash advance, nobody will be dictating terms on your way of spending money. You can utilize your amount of loan on any purpose. Unlike other different financing organization, you do not need to show your business plan before applying for loan from the loan provider. The business advance can be utilized for any purpose like buying inventory, equipments, as general business cash flow, for the purpose of expansion of business, renovation process, business payroll, etc. You get your cash flow from merchant advance. They do not decide how the money for business is to be utilized.

You need to fulfill certain criteria before you apply for your business cash advance. You have to select American Express, Visa, Master card and Discover card as your mode of transactions. You need to have a debit or credit card sale of at least $5,000 each month.

Credit card cash advance is a process to help the small business owners avail money for different needs. Rapid Capital Funding offers them business cash advance.

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