Rapid Capital Funding: Keeps Your Business in Running Condition

Published: 18th January 2012
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Businesses, be it small, large or medium are likely to face challenges in terms of shortage of funds. A positive inflow of funds is not only necessary for the day to day business activities but is important to face any adversities. Sometimes the fund shortage may even lead to a business closure. But now you can avoid such circumstances with business cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding which not only gives a cash advance of $250,000 but also makes sure that it reaches you faster.

Rapid Capital Funding: Understands Your Immediate Cash Needs

Unlike traditional banks, this alternative funding institution takes only 24 hours for the fund approval and gives you the cash in just a matter of 72 hours. The additional cash is given to you without any sort of hassles. You neither have to secure any collateral or personal guarantee nor do you have to make any substantial down payment. Unlike traditional small business loans, the alternative funding institution neither verifies your credit score or business history so it makes the cash approval process all the more faster and easier. Apart from that, you also do not have to go through any sort of paper works or additional costs in the form of start-up cost, closing fees or hidden charges. In one word this cash advance program can be summed up as a complete hassle free and quick process.

In short, the Basic Features of Business Cash Advance:

• Requires no closing fees
• Have no fixed payment schedule
• Have quick approval
• Cash reaches you in just72 hours
• Requires no security collateral
• Requires no personal guarantee
• Have more than 90% approval rate
• No application required

Rapid Capital Funding Links Cash Advance Program to Credit Card Sales

Rapid Capital Funding’s alternative cash advance program is dependent on your expected credit card sales. So in order to become a subscriber of this cash advance program you need to make all your business dealings either through credit or debit card. Along with that, you also need to put forward an application with 3 months bank statements and 4 months credit card processing statement.

Prerequisites for Business Cash Advance Eligibility

There are certain prerequisites which you need to fulfil before applying for this cash advance program. As a prerequisite you need to first register your business in the United States. In addition to that, your business must make minimum business dealing of $5000 through credit or debit cards along with an up to date lease.
Additional Funds Can Be Used With Complete Liberty
Unlike traditional banks, the alternative funding institution does not impose any such restrictions on the cash usage. You have complete luxury to us the cash for any business purpose ranging from business expansion, renovation, inventory stock building, purchasing equipments etc. In fact you have the liberty to use the cash for a number of business activities.

There Is Flexibility in Repayment

The alternative funding institution has a complete flexible repayment schedule. This is because this funding institution buys a small percentage of your daily credit card income. As a result it gets linked to the doings of the business. You can thus repay your debt flexibly as per your business doings. In fact you have the freedom to pay less when your business does not generate the expected profit and vice versa. This will enable you in a faster repayment of debt.

You can now keep your business running under any adversities by opting for business cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding.

Business cash advance from Rapid Capital Funding understands your cash needs and thus meets them in just a matter of 3 days. This alternative means of financing is any time a better an alternative to traditional small business loans.

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